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While it is always my highest goal to provide the highest quality assistance possible to the best of my ability, I must make the following statements. Please do not schedule or purchase services or attend classes with me if you do not agree to everything below.


Please be advised that no reading from anyone claiming to be a psychic, intuitive, medium, channel, etc., can predict, foretell, divine, forecast or provide information with absolute certainty.


Likewise, no service from anyone claiming to be a healer, energyworker, lightworker, etc., can diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any condition, illness or disease and should never take the place of professional medical care.


All information, thoughts, opinions, etc., given during any of my classes or services are done so to assist each person in restoring their overall balance and well-being. At no time should the information, thoughts, opinions, etc., ever take the place of professional consultation and instruction.


By purchasing any service from me, recipients must agree that they will never disregard their own good discernment and decision making. Absolutely no guarantees or assurances of any kind are given and should never be assumed or presumed by the recipient of any service.


I, Kelly McCullough, will not be held liable or accountable and will be held harmless for any interpretations or decisions made by recipients.


All classes and services are for educational and entertainment purposes only. For medical concerns, please consult a physician. For legal matters, please contact an attorney or law enforcement. 


Kelly McCullough