How Psychic Are You? Gathering Series


next gathering to be announced


 Every few months I host a class called How Psychic Are You? I call them gatherings because I like that word better than class. In a class, there are students and a teacher. We are all teachers. At a gathering, there are people who share and learn from each other--and that is what we do.


This is a continuing series but attending all of the gatherings is not required. While some may be similar, each stands on its own. The gatherings are open to all who want to share and learn more.


During each gathering I share my experiences in a different area of intuitive abilities. Areas like energy and energywork, empathy, psychometry, reading photos, tapping into your guidance, or overall intuitiveness. Other people usually share theirs as well. Some simply come to listen and learn more. I then lead some exercises that allow us to practice what we shared. Gathering topics will be expanded as we go.


 We practice, we share, we laugh and we have fun. Most importantly, we all learn more. And when we go our separate ways, most are surprised to learn they have many intuitive abilities that they use every day and didn't even realize it.

Topics so far... "Intuitiveness", "Psychometry", "Reading Photos", "Energy"


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