Psychometry & Property Readings

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What is Psychometry? Psychometry is simply the psychic or intuitive sense of touch--the ability to acquire information and/or history from the energetic field of an object by touching or holding that object.


Psychometrists may receive information in different ways. Information may come to some in the form of images, visions, feelings, tastes, smells, sounds, emotions and possibly other ways. It may come to others as direct intuitive information from spirit guides, from communication with former owners who have crossed over or from other higher sources. I receive information, in varying degrees, by most of the ways above, though usually not at the same time.


There is really no limit to the types of objects that can be read. They can range anywhere from small personal items to jewelry, clothing, furniture--all the way up to vehicles, houses, buildings and pieces of property. Readings of the objects' energy may yield insight about the former owners, residents, history or *experiences* of the objects.

Sometimes there is interest in having a stationary object read - a house, building, or piece of land - or an object that is too big or too heavy to be transported. In these situations, I can do the reading remotely.


I offer private Psychometry and Property Readings at the same rates as private Individual Readings HERE. Psychometry Readings may be scheduled for only the objects themselves or one small object may be brought to any private reading for no additional cost. But be aware, the more time spent reading an object means less time spent reading the person who brought it.


Additional time = $3.00 per minute


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