Private Reiki Attunements and Certifications


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 As my own teacher has said many times--

"Receiving a Reiki attunement is one of the best gifts

you can ever give yourself!"

I offer private, one-on-one Reiki Attunements and Re-Attunements, specifically designed for empaths and other types of highly sensitive people who find it difficult to take a class or get attuned with a group of strangers

I will consider attuning up to 2 people at once if you have a family member or friend you want to be attuned with at the same time

I am a Level 4 Tibetan Master Teacher in the Usui Tibetan system

Reiki is just one of the tools I use during my energywork sessions


 Reiki is an amazing tool to add to your growing toolbox!

With it, you put what you already know, and what you will come to know again, and develop your own style

Being attuned in Reiki is moreso for YOU than for anyone else, to assist in your own awareness and healing

Learn one of the easiest and most powerful methods to assist in your own healing and assist in the healing of others


I offer levels 1 and 2 together in a single session and levels 3 and 4 separately and also re-attunements at any level

Each session will be approximately 4 hours

Each session will begin with a short etheric field cleansing

and chakra alignment

Brief Reiki history, symbols and their usage will be covered along with distance healing

How to pass attunements in levels 3 and 4

A reference book passed down from my lineage, to use to practice and grow, will be included along with your certificate for the level attuned

You will be invited to attend periodic free private group practice time

If you have received level 1, 2, or 3 attunements from someone else, I will need to see your certificate before I will attune you to levels 3 or 4


It is recommended to allow a few months to pass between attunements or re-attunements to allow time for the mind/body/spirit/heart/soul to adjust to the new energies, and to allow time for energetic shifts, releases, clearings and healings to take place. However, there is no rule set in stone about this. Your body will let you know when it's time.

Listen to it.

It knows!

Practitioner Levels 1 & 2 done together = $200

Master Teacher Level 3 = $200

Tibetan Master Teacher Level 4 = $200

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*please confirm date and times with me before purchasing


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