Spirit Guides to Spirit Guides

Group Channeling Session


next gathering to be announced

Are your Guides soft spoken or do you require tough love?

Bring 1 question and drop it in the basket. You can own your question or remain anonymous. My Guides and I will communicate with your Guides and answer as many questions as possible in the time we have. At times my Guides will relay messages for me to deliver. Sometimes they will come through and speak themselves. Other times it will be a mix of me and them.

Your messages will be delivered straight forward and compassionately or however they need to come through. If there is any time remaining, we will take more open questions or allow the Guides to deliver a short teaching, depending which they choose that day. Though not guaranteed, it is common for crossed-over loved ones to also come through if they need to for a specific purpose.

These type gatherings have the potential to be very special. You may hear one message while another person hears something completely different. This is a common occurrence and happens often. Each answer is for every person in the room, not just for the person who asked the question.

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