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I host several different types of public intuitive development classes/gatherings where people can be exposed to our higher spiritual guidances, and practice and explore their own intuition. They are Hearing Your Guides, Angels and Helpers, along with the How Psychic Are You? gathering series, plus What's In Your Card? Group Reading and Spirit Guides to Spirit Guides Group Channeling events. I also host an Intuitive Oils Techniques class and a Soul Dance gathering. New classes and gatherings are always in the works behind the scenes.

Due to my schedule, I am not able to offer these as much as I would like, with many months passing sometimes before I am able to offer each one again. But that doesn't stop you from scheduling your own with your private group of family and friends! You don't have to wait. I bring the class and all the materials to you! (*refreshments not provided) And I welcome children 8 and up to participate too!

Classes To Go is the perfect way to schedule your own private class or gathering! Each will be 90 minutes (an hour and a half) plus some setting up/settling in time and a little cleaning up/saying goodbye time. There will be Q & A time throughout. So probably plan on about 2-1/2 hours total. I can also offer private services before or after with advance notice.

The rate is $200, within 30 miles of my home in Madison TN (northern Nashville/Davidson County). Add $4.00 per mile above 30 miles. Any private services requested would be at their normal rates.

The map below is a rough estimate. Exact distance and cost will be pre-determined and agreed upon using mapping software from my driveway to yours before payment and scheduling takes place. Contact me with event date, time and address for a quote and to check availability.


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Classes To Go

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Hearing Your Guides, Angels and Helpers

How Psychic Are You? "Intuitiveness"

How Psychic Are You? "Psychometry"

How Psychic Are You? "Reading Photos"

How Psychic Are You? "Energy"


Spirit Guides to Spirit Guides

Group Channeling Session

What's In Your Card?

Group Readings

Intuitive Oil Techniques

Soul Dance

*more to be announced

Up to 30 miles = $200

 *90 minute class/gathering time

 31 miles or more add $4.00 per mile

 *please contact me to discuss distances greater than 120 miles


Please review the TERMS OF SERVICE page before purchasing

Contact Me To Reserve One of the Classes To Go

 $200 per class

  *please confirm date and time with me before purchasing


*appointments will not be scheduled without full payment in advance through my Square Store at