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The AromaTouch® Technique and Hand Technique were developed in about 2009 by Dr. David K. Hill, D.C., as a clinical approach to essential oil application.

I was trained and certified in the AromaTouch® Technique and Hand Technique in April 2013 and have been offering them privately ever since. I now publicly offer them as other ways to maintain balance and overall well-being. To assist in the healing process, I do incorporate my own intuition, Spirit Guides, sound, Reiki energy, and other intuitive energetic elements into the sessions that takes them a bit beyond.


Those interested are encouraged to explore the plethora of information and videos freely available online about this technique. There is too much to put on this page, but below are a few links to get you started. Start with the AromaTouch website itself:

AromaTouch Technique oils used

Hand Technique oils used


*there is much more freely available online


The AromaTouch® Technique takes about 30 minutes. The rate is $60 by itself, or $50 when added onto any other service. It may be combined with readings shorter than 30 minutes, which I do not normally offer in-person by themselves, other than at special events. But in this case I would. Clients should be prepared to remove top and/or unfasten top undergarments, and shoes/socks. I will provide you privacy and a wrap to cover yourself.


The Hand Technique takes about 10 minutes. The rate is $20 and is not offered as a stand alone service and must be added to another service of 30 minutes or more. It is offered by itself at special events.  The Hand Technique is included as part of the full AromaTouch® Technique.


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 AromaTouch® Technique


AromaTouch® Technique Add-on


Hand Technique



*Disclaimers and Things You Should Know*


Your health, balance, overall well-being, awareness, knowledge, and education is my goal and utmost concern. Therefore...


1. I am not a massage therapist and this is not a massage. The AromaTouch® Technique is one of many essential oil application methods.


2. I am not a medical professional. The AromaTouch® Technique is not intended to be a medical treatment or medical therapy. Please contact a physician or other medical professional for those procedures.


3. I am not a certified aromatherapist, herbalist, et al., and cannot "officially" or legally advise you on the properties or effects of any essential oils. Please consult a professional in those fields for answers to those questions.


4. Know your body, know your allergies. While most applications of essential oils *may be* beneficial for most people, there is always the possibility of adverse reactions and/or negative reaction with medications. If unsure, consult a physician before any essential oil application. While I have been trained and certified in the AromaTouch® Technique, by purchasing this service, receivers assume all risk and responsibility. Consult a physician before scheduling this or any other application of essential oils if you are unsure.


5. The FDA does not test, approve, or otherwise regulate essential oils in any form. The CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® accronym and phrase are registered trademarks of dōTERRA® International. I do not personally make these or any other claims, and by no means should one assume dōTERRA® has been given this certification by the FDA. While there have been many "studies", and each essential oil company likely has its own internal quality control standards, it would be unwise and wrong to assume that any claim made by any essential oil company, distributor, seller, applicator, or user has been approved by the FDA or any other regulating entity.


6. Yes, I am a dōTERRA® rep. No, I will not be trying to sell you oils, sign you up for anything, or explain how their business model works. The business side of dōTERRA® is not my primary interest. These are simply the oils my Guides led me to for my own personal use and use in my work with others. It is one of many companies that offer quality essential oils. If you have quesitons about these things, I will be happy to help answer them, if I can, or help get you the answer. Otherwise, if you don't bring it up, neither will I.

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