Etheric Field Cleansing

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An Etheric Field Cleansing is a shorter version of energywork where I do not use Laying-On-Of-Stones. I have been offering it only at special events and now offer it pubiicly anytime as an add-on service. It takes about 15 minutes and may not be scheduled by itself unless at a special event.

During an Etheric Field Cleansing, I focus various energy and cleansing methods on the etheric or auric bodies--the energetic bodies outside of our physical body that pick up all sorts of things which we may or may not be aware, possibly making us feel tired, weighed down, sluggish, or out of sync. An Etheric Field Cleansing can remove the yucky stuff from your energetic field and get you back to feeling great!

There are many different diagrams representing the etheric/auric bodies. Not all are the same. They have been studied going back to antiquity. Below is just one person's opinion. I make no claims that this is accurate, but I know that they are there.


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The rate is $30 when added on to any other reading or AromaTouch service. It may be combined with readings of at least 15 minutes, which I do not normally offer in-person by themselves, other than at special events. An Etheric Field Cleansing is included as part of a Stone & Crystal Energywork session.

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Etheric Field Cleansing